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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

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Domain Logic Patterns

Transaction Script

Domain Model

Table Model

Service Layer

Data Source Architectural Patterns

Table Data Gateway

Row Data Gateway

Active Record

Data Mapper

Object-Relational Behavioural Patterns

Unit of Work

Identity Map

Lazy Load

Object-Relational Structural Patterns

Identity Field

Foreign Key Mapping

Association Table Mapping

Dependent Mapping

Embedded Value

Serialised LOB

Class Table Inheritance

Concrete Table Inheritance

Inheritance Mappers

Object-Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns

Metadata Mapping

Query Object


Web Presentation Patterns

Model View Controller

Page Controller

Front Controller

Template View

Transform View

Two Step View

Application Controller

Distribution Patterns

Remote Facade

Data Transfer Object

Offline Concurrency Patterns

Optimistic Offline Lock

Pessimistic Offline Lock

Coarse-Grained Lock

Implicit Lock

Session State Patterns

Client Session State

Server Session State

Database Session State

Base Patterns



Layer Supertype

Separated Interface


Value Object


Special Case


Service Stub

Record Set

  • An in-memory representation of tabular data.

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Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
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